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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

.....Cone has Tony Snow's views on gun control circa 1980:

"....regulate the sales and distribution of firearms carefully and rigorously."

Hey, I was right there with Tony. Gun control all the way. I even gave a pro-choice speech in my sophomore communications class. But I'm most ashamed of the fact that I believed we shouldn't change leaders during a time of crisis, kind of like FDR during WW II. Thank God I wasn't old enough to vote.

But look at me now. Shit happens. What will be interesting about Snow's appointment is how a member of the media handles the media, especially such a hostile group such as the White House press corps. I would think Snow would know going in that, as one of their own, being less than forthcoming won't work.

But as one who has been critical of President Bush, is there reason to believe Snow would be less than forthcoming? Or is there just too much Fox there for everyone's liking?


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