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Friday, April 14, 2006

......As if answering Rosemary Roberts' call for more von Stauffenbergs, five retired generals call for Sec. Rumsfeld's resignation. Seems to me like dissent is indeed alive and well in this country. Fair enough.

But retired Army Maj. Gen John Batiste's call for Rumsfeld's resignation comes as a particular surprise:

"Gen. Batiste commanded the 1st Infantry Division, responsible in Iraq for the hot spots of Tikrit and Samarra, north of Baghdad. On a chilly December night in 2004, he introduced Mr. Rumsfeld to his soldiers thus: "This is a man with the courage and the conviction to win the war on terrorism.'
"A Rumsfeld aide said that when the two talked privately, the general voiced no complaints on how Washington, or Mr. Rumsfeld, was waging war.
"Of the Iraqi people, he told CNN, 'Iraqis, frankly, in my experience, do not understand democracy. Nor do they understand their responsibility for a free society.'

"But in Iraq last year, Gen. Batiste said: "The Iraqi 4th Division represents what is and what is meant to be in Iraq. The soldiers of the division not only reflect the rich ethnic/religious diversity of Iraq, but they also imbue with the energy, courage and determination which the vast majority of the Iraqi people have for freedom and representative government.'"

I guess things change during the course of a year. Fair enough.


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