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Saturday, April 29, 2006

..... RIP Steve Howe.

I remember reading a Sports Illustrated piece about Howe several years ago when he was still trying to beat cocaine and break back into the big leagues. He'd moved his family to Montana to get away from the white stuff, but he still found it. Some people just have a nose for the stuff, so to speak.

Howe told the story of how he scored and went into the family bathroom to get high when he turned and saw his wife staring straight at him. Though he knew right then and there that his marriage was on the line, Howe said the urge to bury his nose in the baggie was overwhelming.

He resisted, however, and was able to get his career back on track, spending five years with Yankees from '91 to '96. I can only assume he successfully fought his addiction over the past 10 years. Then he gets rolled in his pickup truck. That's how fragile life is.


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