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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

....Canes give fans the high stick:

"The team announced late last week that prices for season ticket holders would more than double in the final two rounds. Tickets for each home game in the final two rounds would range from $50 to $200 per seat.

"Prices for people who don't have season tickets are higher still. They haven't been announced for the finals, but in the third round, general admission tickets will be between $70 and $250."

...Proof that hockey in the South is not a blue-collar sport, as evidenced by season ticket holder Jann Meyer:

"Meyer and her husband have spent more than $2,500 on hockey this season, attending 24 games and all the playoff games so far. Before this year, when they lived in the mountains, they often made 400-mile round trips to see the Canes.

"But they say the $1,600 bill they got late last week, for the final two rounds, is too much. If the Hurricanes make it that far, they say, they'll watch the games on TV."

Two questions: What's another $1600 when you've already invested $2500 in the Canes, and how much do they pay state psychologists?

It's like playing the lottery. How much to you want to gamble with the hope of seeing something special live and in person? Fans at the RBC Center Monday night sure got something special, as did fans in attendance for Game 6 of Montreal series, although you'd have to ask Canadiens fans just how special it was, given the outcome.

No matter the outcome, the rush had to be there as shot after shot was stopped on both ends of the ice.....


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