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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

....Lots of hand-wringing over the lost generation.....

Hey, I hang out with plenty of disconnected adults right here in tony Fisher Park.They're still intelligent, successful people. For whatever reason, it hasn't made a difference in their lives whether or not they know that the border between North and South Korea is the most fortified in the world. I guess it depends on what you do for a living, too. If you're a plumber making a bunch of money digging through the rich earth of Guilford County, why the hell do you need to find India on a map?

I wouldn't say the questions were all no-brainers, either. OK, you should know Mississippi and Louisiana by fifth grade. Perhaps answering that the U.S.-Mexico border is the most fortified is collective wishful thinking. What's the most widely-spoken native language? Trick question.

Now I did know about the earthquake that killed 70,000 in Pakistan when it happened. But I kind of forgot about it.


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