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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

.....Meanwhile, the N&R's Doug Clark has some thoughts on the TRC executive summary:

"Political........Especially the recommendations, which borrow heavily from the vocabulary of 'progressive' politics: grass-roots organizers, economic justice, reparations, living wage, anti-racism training, cross-cultural trust, capital, labor, race, poverty, oppression, privilege......

"I'm for mourning and memorializing the dead -- but no one with any responsibility for that day's bloody blunders deserves to be made a martyr.

"Yet the commission wants to give them a legacy: reparations paid to "organizations advocating for civil and workers rights and other economic justice initiatives"; a "living wage" for public employees and contract workers; increased funds for social services and public health; a police review board with subpoena and enforcement power; a community justice center; jurors selected from welfare rolls if they're not on the registered voter lists; anti-racism training for just about everyone; and, of course, an official apology."

I'll add that part of that legacy would be a greatly expanded governmental and educational bureaucracy. Among the "institutional reforms" suggested:

"All city and county employees should be paid a living wage, and all city and county subcontactors should be required to pay workers a living wage....

"All city and county employees should engage in anti-racism training....

"The proposed public monument honoring those killed and wounded on Nov. 3, 1979 would be planned and funded under the auspices of the city's Human Relations Commission.....

"The Guilford County Board of Commissioners should commit to addressing the need for increasing funding to Departments of Social Services and Public Health....

"Citizens as well as city and state officials should push for enabling legislation, if necessary, to create a community justice center in Greensboro, then make sure its existence is well-publicized."

I saved the best for last:

"The Commission recommends that the Guilford County Schools contract with an appropriate curriculum development provider to create a curriculum for elementary and secondary schools about the context, causes, context and sequence and consequences of Nov. 3, 1979."

Clark writes "the commission embraced the social and political aspirations of the Communist Workers Party participants and turned its wrath on the city of Greensboro."

I'd say so. And probably with not a lot of thought about who's going to pay for those social and political aspirations.


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