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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

.....Rick Martinez is confused. So am I.

Martinez recently took a little trip to Davidson.

"If there is a prettier town in North Carolina than Davidson, I haven't come across it. Every house I saw as I drove through town looked freshly painted. I couldn't find a blade of grass out of place. Downtown is clean, even bright, and it bustles with paying customers, instead of Lookie-Lou tourists. The hometown of Davidson College could easily be mistaken for a movie set.

"The serenity that settled into my bones as I crossed into the city limits last week shattered once I entered town hall. Staring down at me like a stalker was an impressive, big-time award from the Environmental Protection Agency for excellence in -- and this really hurts -- Smart Growth.

"I can't stand Smart Growth."

I can't stand Smart Growth, either. But get this — I was begging for a little Smart Growth last Friday as I sat gridlocked in lunchtime Cary traffic, watching the needle on my engine creep steadily toward the red 'H'. How about a little light rail to ease this congestion, I thought to myself, right before the loud bang under the hood let me know my radiator hose had broken.

Everything worked out fine, as a kind Jiffy Lube manager secured a new hose and threw it on. Then the strangest thing happened. As I wound my way through Cary, through downtown Raleigh at 5p., I noticed the traffic had eased considerably. Practically disappeared. Maybe they were already at the beach. Maybe not.

Who needs TTA, I thought to myself.

I'm confused.


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