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Friday, June 02, 2006

.....Final thoughts on the TRC......

The commission did its job. It created a permanent historical record, in as objective a manner as possible, for the public to consume and apply as it wishes. It very plainly and clearly stated their suggestions for what now needs to happen. They're placing those suggestions in the hands of the government bureaucracy, which means they have at least a 50-50 chance of happening. I'd say the GCS contract for the curriculum provider to teach the shootings to elementary school students stands about a 75 percent chance, knowing our school board.

I find the reaction of the elected officials very interesting. I think Keith Holliday deserves due respect for saying straight up there's not going to be an apology. Would we rather have someone leading our city who's going to knuckle under to the requests of a special interest group?

Of course, Tom Phillips' comment that he had better things to do with his time was mentioned in this morning's N&R article by commission member Muktha Jost, who replied:

"In a democratic process, everyone has to read it for themselves to understand the conclusions and the findings we reached. The executive summary just kind of lists (them); the report itself is how we got there."

You get the feeling, the stated recommendations aside, the commission expects something else to happen. But what? Exactly how is the Greensboro community going to "become a leader in the Southeast, if not the nation, in dealing with what has been a major human relations issue"?

Getting both government and community to embrace a collective mentality might be asking a bit much, considering the fact that the community, especially individuals within the community, is what keeps government in check.


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