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Friday, June 09, 2006

....No doubt the King archives are priceless:

"....7,000 items in Dr. King's own hand, including a draft of his Nobel Prize acceptance speech, an annotated copy of "Letter From Birmingham Jail" and a program from the Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta on which Dr. King scribbled notes for a speech about John F. Kennedy's assassination.

A blue spiral notebook contains a statement read to an Atlanta judge about why Dr. King chose to stay in jail after his arrest during a sit-in, and a note to the women arrested with him praising them for their faith in nonviolent methods, according to a news release from Sotheby's. "

Not to mention....

"....the papers considered the most interesting by scholars, including a trove of handwritten sermons, were found in Mrs. King's basement and have not been widely studied."

But everything has a price, and the $15-$30 million range is a bit steep.

ARL's Brian Schottlaender:

"I would be stunned if they could command that sort of price, and I would be even more stunned if they command that from a library."


"How do you value the Martin Luther King papers? Good Lord, he was such a significant figure."


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