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Saturday, June 24, 2006

....RIP Aaron Spelling, a true American success story:

"Mr. Spelling himself, though a self-effacing and extremely shy man in private, put his own vast wealth on display in the late 1980's when he and his wife, Candy, supervised the construction of their home in the Holmby Hills section of Los Angeles. The structure, which like his shows drew mostly scathing reviews, eventually contained 123 rooms over about 56,000 square feet. It was said to include a bowling alley, an ice rink and an entire wing devoted to his wife's wardrobe.

"He defended the ostentation by saying he had worked hard for his success and had risen from truly dire conditions....."

My favorite Spelling episode? Without a doubt, the two-hour season-opener of Charlie's Angels when the angels go to Hawaii to rescue Charlie. No explanation necessary.

Then there's the episode of The Love Boat when Doc befriends a geriatric couple. The old lady falls down stairs and Doc has to perform emergency surgery right there on the boat. I won't ruin the ending....


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