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Friday, June 16, 2006

.....Mushroom clouds....

Floyd Stuart highlights a theme I'm seeing among liberals these days. It makes wonder if they really think about what they're saying as they desperately search for a candidate that can win in 2008.

Graydon Carter, longing for an Al Gore run, in this month's Vanity Fair:

"For the aspiring presidential candidate, I offer the following big idea gratis. Announce a 21st-century Manhattan Project-like program, a sweeping initiative government, business, and academia, with a single goal: to invent a replacement for the internal-combustion engine."

So what did the Manhattan Project invent? The bomb.

Then, as Floyd points out, there's Peter Beinhart, who holds up Harry Truman as the model Democrats should follow, according to Joe Klein's N.Y. Times review of The Good Fight:

"The need for American restraint and humility was at the heart of Truman's liberalism. It was the most significant difference between cold war liberalism and conservatism — and it is the most difficult part of Beinart's agenda to sell to the American public today. "

But what did Truman do? He dropped the fucking bomb. He also committed U.S. troops to a foreign war that lasted as long as the war Iraq, but with a significantly higher casualty rate.

Maybe it's just me, but these are very odd analogies borne from a sense of confusion.


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