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Sunday, June 18, 2006

.....As you know, I use humor (often unsuccessfully, many might argue) to mock the issues of the week. Just today, I was talking about how lucky it was that Ben Roethlisberger's face took the brunt of his motorcycle accident, as opposed to his knees or his throwing arm. He's not the most handsome gentleman in the NFL, anyway.

OK, that's not funny. But I heard something today onthe radio that had hundreds of audience members howling. But I couldn't see the humor.

It was the closing portion of NPR's of Wait Wait....Don't Tell Me!. To tell the truth, I like the show, because it lets me know if I'm monitoring the news as closely as I think I am. It even clues me on a thing or two I missed.

As the program closes, host Peter Segal picks a topic and asks members of the panel to comment quickly on what they think will happen. The topic was "Al Qaeda's" recent change in management." What policies would the new Al Qaeda management put forth?

I heard answers like (paraphrasing) 'a bring your daughter to work in a birka' would be created' and the 'position of spiritual adviser would be eliminated.' Again, the audience howled.

OK, I cheered Dr.Sanity on when she rounded up the buzzkills. But that was in reaction to the left's skeptical reaction to Zarqawi's death.

But if you remember, President Bush reacted with caution to Zarqawi's death. And I realize that the panel members on Wait...Wait probably felt like they were trying use humor to add some levity to what has been a difficult time for our country. But the way I see it, to joke about the demise of a gut like Zarqawi is far less a sin than casting Al Qaeda's "management style" in a humorous light. To do so shows a lack of sensibilty to the fact that they're our mortal enemy.


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