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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

....More coverage than you can handle of the Canes' Stanley Cup victory...

What impressed me was the way the fans remained standing throughout the game. Now that's getting involved. I've never understood paying good money for a sporting event or a concert only to sit on your ass for two hours. I can do that at home...

....Meanwhile, SI's Michael Farber breaks down the game most controversial play, the non-goal, non-penalty shot late in the first period:

"Oilers defenseman Steve Staios appeared to cover the puck with his body after it was in the net; an NBC replay during the intermission, blown up better than an Antonioni film, showed the puck clearly over the line. But league officials backed the official version of events, promulgated by director of officiating Stephen Walkom, that the play was dead when Staios deliberately batted the puck into the crease because a delayed penalty had been called down the ice on the Oilers' Ethan Moreau.

"Now maybe the situation would have seemed less muddled if referee Brad Watson didn't appear to signal for a penalty shot on the play, a Gordian knot -- or is that a Gordie Howe knot? -- that the league's replay gang unraveled to the satisfaction of basically no one except the Edmonton Oilers. If viewers flick the remote when NFL refs are under the hood for 90 seconds watching a peep-show style replay, the lengthy delay could have been a knee to the groin for a league that didn't need all that dead air. If viewers want to see someone talking on the phone interminably, they will check on their teenage daughter."

But if I understood NBC's John Davidson correctly, Staios covered the puck illegally in the net — which would normally result in a penalty shot. So the Canes got screwed on that call. No matter, though.


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