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Monday, June 26, 2006

......Which is the real Friar's Club?

"Two once-related branches of the century-old fraternal organization of entertainers, a group that has counted as members the most famous jokesters ever, from Milton Berle to Whoopi Goldberg, from Will Rogers to Robin Williams, are locked in a bitter legal and financial battle rivaling the infamous bicoastal rap war of a decade ago, except this one is being fought with roast-quality insults and expensive lawyers instead of rap songs and bullets."

The West Coast posse says that when a club roasts a guy like Jerry Lewis, as the N.Y. Friar's Club recently did, then it's definitely passed its prime.

Still, a good rim shot from Jeffrey Ross:

"Why are so so bloated? You look like you drowned four days ago."

Yeah, I know Lewis recently had a heart attack. And that's the point, says Jack Carter, veteran comedian and L.A. Friar:

"You're in trouble when you have to roast a guy who's going to have a heart attack on the way home."


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