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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hugh Hewitt blogger Mary Katherine Ham discusses her conversion from print work to blogging:

"After college, I covered news for a couple of years. There were things I loved and hated about it. I loved hard deadlines, watching sports for a living, writing every day, learning all about a new town, meeting its people and learning its quirks.

"I hated that the first-ever AP seminar I went to included a long discussion on when to change quotes, accounting for the political position, race and economic status of your subject. I was just waiting for someone to pull out some sort of slide-rule of political correctitude to help us make such decisions.

"I hated that one of the young reporters at the seminar lamented working in rural North Carolina and asked, unabashedly, 'What do you do when the people you cover are just, like, stupid?'

"It was this contempt the press has for its subjects and its readers that really turned me off. That contempt, in my experience, is amplified when reporters are dealing with political conservatives, but it tends to extend to everyone who’s not a trained journalist."

When I encountered liberal bias while working at a business newspaper, of all things, I knew it was real.


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