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Monday, July 03, 2006

.....NYT and me, part II.....

So I spent the weekend doing yardwork for my mother, getting up Sunday morning and driving back just in time to make it to my Sunday shift. But I was already looking ahead to the evening's activity: drinking a cold beer and reading the Times' sports section.

But when I got home, I noticed the the clear plastic covers that wrap the N&R, but the blue NYT bag was missing. I searched the porch and found nothing. My evening would be ruined. I hurriedly changed clothes, dug up the Times' customer service number, hopped in the car and began running through the options on my cell phone.

The last prompt informed me that no replacement paper would be available. I took a deep breath and figured the carrier had quit. That stuff happens.

Then I get home and start reading through the N&R. On Saturday's editorial page, Cal Thomas reamed the Times:

"Let the administration refuse to speak with Times reporters on grounds they cannot be trusted. For too long, the Bush administration has tried to play cozy with the media elites. It has gained them nothing. Times reporters should be publicly ridiculed and verbally flogged because they richly deserve it for giving aid and comfort to America's terrorist enemies."

Boy, would I have felt silly if I'd wrecked my car on the way to work.


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