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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

......I think this guy forgot something: Support for the arts. Everyone knows liberals support artists while conservatives are constantly censoring them through cuts in funding.

As it turns out, the N.Y. Times addressed the issue of conservative artists with a look at documentary filmmakers.

As it turns out, there a few conservative documentaries out there to counter the many liberal documentaries that have been released in recent years.

But why aren't there more?

Director Wash Westmoreland:

“The origin of the word conservative is about not changing, accepting what is. And that’s never a very interesting thing to make a film about. The thing that drives you to make a documentary is seeing it as a way to social change. Societies with little conflict tend not to make interesting art.”

But the article goes on......

"The notion that conservatism is essentially static would probably come as a surprise to some of the exuberant right-leaning thinkers who have upended the talk-radio world......"

True. And it's been working to a great degree as conservatives gradually have been countering the mainstream media message that our country is constantly going to hell. I know there are filmmakers out there who aren't content with accepting what is......


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